Carbon Figurines
Hello I'm Zora. Here's my art blog. Come say hi.
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  • udevelter asked : Omg your art is amazing! I realy liked your video

    Thank you so much! I’ll work on making more haha :)

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  • Anonymous asked : if i wanted you to paint/draw me, how much would it be?

    10 dollars for a 7.5x11 inch painting or 5 dollars for a 19x14 cm painting. No shipping costs :)

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  • Anonymous asked : how much would it cost for a painting?

    Hello! I already have a shop set up here.

    But if you had something specific in mind (of your own idea or of something I’ve already done before that’s not in the shop), probably about 5-10 dollars, depending on the detail/size you wanted the painting. Just message me what you would like :)

    (I also have a society6 account but the prices are steeper there. Again, if you’d want me to post a previously done work on that account for you to buy prints/pillows/mugs/phone cases/etc. just message me here)

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